welded sealed wire connectors, heat-shrinkable butt connectors, waterproof and insulated wire terminals, butt splices

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Voltage: 220 V

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 600

About this item

✔️ Simple and fast process: one-step welding and sealing process. No crimping tools and welding machines are required. Timer and tamper

✔️ Waterproof and insulation: double-wall design - external polyolefin pipe provides insulation and improves pulling strength; Internal hot-melt adhesive and solder ensure tight connection of wires and prevent wires from sliding out of terminals

✔️ Keep in order: Our connectors are located in the storage box, which is easy to store and carry. The color-coded ferrule is easy to identify the correct size of connectors for various applications

✔️ Widely used: shrinkage ratio: 2:1. Suitable for automobiles, ships, ships and other outdoor applications

Simple wire connector on the market

Solder sealed connector will make your wire connection waterproof in a few seconds;

It also provides some mechanical damage protection to prevent wire corrosion!

Our connector is an irreplaceable tool for fast, reliable and effective wire connection anywhere, and is praised by the handyman all over the world