SONOFF B02-F A60/ST64 Smart WiFi LED Filament Bulb

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State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Power Rating: 7W

Package Included: 1/3 * SONOFF B02-F Smart LED Filament Bulb

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: B02-F-A60; B02-F-ST64

Max Speed: Remotely turn on and off on APP

Luminous Flux: B02-F-A60:806Lm; B02-F-ST64:700Lm

Lifespan: About 15000h

Input: 220-240V AC 50Hz

Gyro: Universal E27 base

Features: Flashing

Certification: CE

CCT: B02-F-A60:2200K-6500K; B02-F-ST64:1800K-5000K

Brand Name: SONOFF

Description:Want a quick and easy way to access a smart home and seek for less energy consumption on your smart home system? SONOFF B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64 smart LED filament bulb exactly pairs both modern intelligence and LED efficiency, as well as vintage appearance. They’re trustworthy enough to turn all of your ideas into reality.

What’s the difference between B02-F-A60 and B02-F-ST64? From the appearance, B02-F-ST64 is amber and B02-F-A60 is cyan. The amber offers 700 lumens with a color temperature from 1800K to 5000K, and the cyan emits a brightness of 800lm and color temperature of 2200K-6500K.

With B02-F smart bulbs, you can do more than remotely turn on and off using your smartphone and via your voice (connect with Alexa or Google Home), a typical feature that is automated schedule can make the bulb automatically turn on and off which helps save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. The bulb is dimmable that you can cool down or warm up it to set the mood you want in a room. Just by its design with 4 preset mode which simply selects the corresponding modes and you can get your desired atmosphere for your space. Group control is designed to help control the specific lighting of an or more areas, saving much time on running them respectively.
Can bring the vintage and modern feeling to your home
Remotely turn on and off on APP
Adjust the color temperature for warm and cold light
Change the brightness in various occasions
Unique smart LED technology ensures the bulb save your electricity bills by 90%
Group control makes it easy to control the lighting of a whole area
Can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off
Multiple scene modes optional, quick to access the lighting mode that you need
Support voice to turn on/off, adjust the brightness and color temperature
Scene linkage allows you to turn on/off the bulb via opening or closing door
Universal E27 base fits for most standard light fittings

Model: B02-F-A60; B02-F-ST64;
Input: 220-240V AC 50Hz;
Luminous Flux: B02-F-A60:806Lm; B02-F-ST64:700Lm;
CCT: B02-F-A60:2200K-6500K; B02-F-ST64:1800K-5000K ;
Power Rating: 7W;
Lifespan: About 15000h;

Package Included:
1/3 * SONOFF B02-F Smart LED Filament Bulb