Small Fresh Digital Print Quilt Set 3 Piece Dream Catcher 3D

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Fabric material: chemical fiber fabric weight: 90g

Single pillowcase 50*75CM*1 weight 80g

UK Single two-piece set 135*200*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*1 weight 670g

US Single two-piece set 150*210*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*1 weight 670g

US Twin 2-piece set 173*218*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*1 weight 825g

AU DOUBLE three-piece set 180*210*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 880g

EU DOUBLE three-piece set 200*200*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1000g

US Full three-piece set 203*228*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1140g

Au Queen three-piece set 210*210*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1000g

US Queen three-piece set 228*228*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1140g

EU King 3-piece set 220*240*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1150g

US King 3-piece set 264*228*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1240g

UK Super King three-piece set 230*260*1, pillowcase 50*75CM*2 weight 1240g