Planets Wall Stickers

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Material: PVC

1 Sheets Finshed
Photos are for illustration purposes only, please check indicated size, or choose different sizes in the store
The real size depends on the product. The pictures just offer a reference.

It is not peel and stick decals. You need to use the transfer paper to stick it. Transfer paper is reusable and is together with the wall quote decal in the package. Please do it following the instructions
1.Choose a smooth,clean and dry surface. Peel the stickers from the sheet one by one.
2.Position the adhesive on a plane surface without pressing them, so that it lets possibility to withdraw them and reposition again, if needed.
3.If the result is satisfactory for you,stick firmly to the surface pressing the air bubbles outwards.
4.If you have bubbles,take a needle to bore them.


Package Included:

  - 1x Wall Sticker