Manual Children's U-Shaped Toothbrush

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Applicable People: Children

Product Category: Manual

Function: Clean

Name: U-Shaped Manual Silicone Toothbrush

Size: Small (2-6 Years Old) Large (6-12 Years Old)

Small Brush Head 5cm Long 9.8cm

Large Brush Head 5.5cm Long 10.2cm

Material: Brush Head/Liquid Silicone

Handle: Food Grade PP

Liquid silicone

Environmentally friendly platinum silicone material


Cute and fun shape standing anti-fouling


Baby U-shaped toothbrush

The U-shaped brush head is especially suitable for the structure of children's teeth and wraps the teeth!


Cute shape

Baby can't put it down

Adorable three-color Renbao selection

Cute cartoon shape, stimulate baby's interest in brushing teeth


Food grade liquid silicone

Raw material brush head

Food grade liquid silicone

Using medical food grade liquid silica gel, it belongs to environmental protection and hygiene grade material

Odor-free and very translucent and tough


Cute penguin handle

Easy for baby to hold

Eco-friendly PP comfortable handle

While the shape is cute and interesting, the PP material is used for a more comfortable grip

Environmentally friendly and practical, not easy to damage


Disinfect the entrance more assured

Withstand high temperature test

Pouring, steam, ultraviolet rays, drying can choose the disinfection method at will

Enter with peace of mind, let mother worry a little less