Dog Round Sniffing Training Mat

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Product features:

1. Exercise slow food, release the dogs excess energy, reduce the act of picking up trash outside
2. To meet the needs of dog sniffing and reduce dog stress
3. The main fabric of the sniffing pad is felt cloth, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean, and supports machine washing;
4. The bottom is a non-slip cloth, which effectively fixes the mat to prevent the dog from moving the mat;
5. Daily can be folded into a bowl shape, stick to the good habits that can exercise the dogs slow food; if you dont have time to take a walk, you can also use it as a sniffing pad, 10 minutes of sniffing can play a role of 1 hour of exercise .
6. Can be shrunk into a small storage bag, small size, can be hung or placed aside when not in use.

Product parameters:
size: one size
Single product weight: about 240g
Single product packaging size: about 22 * 30 * 10cm
Material: felt cloth + non-slip cloth

Package content:
Sniffing pad * 1