American Hand Cast Net with Flying Disc High Strength Fly Cast

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With Glueing or Not: No

Type: Cast Net

Thickness: /

Style: Monofilament

Retractable or Not: Yes

Product Type: Fishing Nets

Positionable or Not: No

Plastic Type: PE

Origin: Mainland China

Note:: It takes great patience to arrange the sinkers by spreading it out.

Model Number: American Hand Cast Net with Flying Disk

Mesh Size: Small Mesh

Material: Tyre Use Nylon, Zinc Plated Steel Sinkers, Lead Sinkers Optional

Length: 300/360/420/480/540/600/720cm

Knot Type: Single

Item: Hand Throw Cast Fishing Net

Height: 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3/3.6m

Hand Rope Length: 10M approximately.

Fit For: River, Stream, Lake Shoal Fishing, Boat Fishing.

Feature: User-friendly, Quick Sinking, Spinning Cast Ring

Depth: /

Certification: /

Brand Name: XC LOHAS

American Hand Cast Net with Flying Disc High Fly Cast Network 300 360 420 480 540 600 720cm Throw Net

Details and Description:
Item:  American Hand Cast Fishing Net Work
Material:High Strength Nylon Line + Stainless Zinc Plated Steel Sinkers / Lead Sinkers.
Note: Why is Lead Sinker Net More Expensive than Steel Sinker Net ?
1.Lead Sinker Net will Sink Faster than Steel Sinker Nets.
2. Lead Sinker will Never Get Rusted.
Mode      Fishing LineSinkers      Net Hight    Mesh Size    Hand Rope Length

300cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       1.5m          One hole           15m

360cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       1.8m          One hole           15m

420cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       2.1m          One hole           15m

480cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       2.4m          One hole           15m

540cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       2.7m          One hole           15m

600cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       3.0m          One hole           15m

720cm    Tyle lineSteel /Lead       3.6m          One hole           15m

Made of High Strength PE Fishing Line, Super Strong Quality.

Special Flying Disc Design, Easy to Cast for Long Distance.

Most Hot Selling Fishing Tools for Professional Fisher Men and Women.

Fit for River Pond Shoal Fishing.

Note: It takes great patience to arrange the sinkers by spreading it out on the ground. Please Make sure every sinker is not tangled in the mesh net, before you pull it up slowly.

Mode(diameter) Fishing Line Sinkers Net Hight Mesh Size Hand Rope Length

240cm Tyle line Steel /none 1.2m One hole 7.9m

300cm Tyle line Steel /none 1.5m One hole 7.9m

360cm Tyle line Steel /none 1.8m One hole 7.9m

420cm Tyle line Steel /none 2.1m One hole 7.9m

480cm Tyle line Steel /none 2.4m One hole 7.9m

540cm Tyle line Steel /none 2.7m One hole 7.9m

600cm Tyle line Steel /none 3.0m One hole 7.9m

720cm Tyle line Steel /none 3.6m One hole 7.9m