3.5mm Men Diving Suit Split Wetsuit Fishing And Hunting Cloth

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1. Material: 3.5mm all Neoprene CR  material ,   inside material smooth skin  

2. Fishing clothing thickness: 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm.

3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm fishing hunting clothing using the world's most advanced diving suit fabric Yamamoto, inside light skin. Its warm and waterproof function is very good, is the underwater free potential, hunting potential fishing fish essential.

Important Note:

1. If you have any problem  with  size, please contact me ,I will help you !!

2. Due to the different monitor,please allow have a little off color.


Warm tips: because of high-tempeature glueing of Neoprene, it has some smell when you open it. please put it in the air for a couple of days. the Smell will be gone later





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