1080 °/1440 ° Mechanical Arm Double Outlet Bubbler Universal Extension Faucet

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Product Caliber: 24mm outer fine wire, 22mm inner fine wire, 20mm four minute inner thick wire

Inner Box Packaging: color neutral English packaging, 10 * 5.5 * 3.8cm

Outer Packing: neutral packing, size: 44 * 29.5 * 21cm

Material: Copper

Net Weight of product: double outlet: 173g

Gross Weight of product: double outlet: 216g

Packing Quantity: 100pcs/box

Gross Weight of the whole box: double gear water outlet: 21.9kg

SKU-03-新款-机械手臂-1440°双出水 - 副本.jpgSKU-02-新款-机械手臂-1080°全铜双出水(量大从优).jpg